EOE dish – Vietnamese beef stew!

Hi friends,

Hope all is well in your world.

Vietnamese beef stew is truly an EOE dish. What is EOE? Equally Over-the-top w/ Everything. You will get to know me, I love flexibility, freedom and variety. And this dish has it all. You can eat with rice, noodle or by itself with French baguette.

Tonight I made it for a dinner party tomorrow. So here we go!

Not all beef is the same, you must get the right cut like this then marinade it. HINT: Don’t be lazy, cut up the beef into small, perfect pieces.

All my Vietnamese dishes I learned from my mom but I always add a little of my own twist here and there. Condiments – cilantro, green onions, white onions, basil and lime. I really believe this, no matter how good a dish is, IF the eater doesn’t add or pair it up, it won’t be what you wanted the eater to taste and experience. But whatever…I respect everyone, you do you. 🙂

I do NOT add potatoes to my beef stew or any other vegetables. I think carrots is all I need. But again…you do you, add anything you want. HINT: WAIT until the last 30 minutes to add in your carrots or veggies because you don’t want it too mushy. And for me, I make sure I remove all the lemongrass, onions etc from the pot.

Finally done today! Tomorrow is finished. My Vietnamese Beef Stew – an EOE dish with French baguettes. If you like what you’re seeing, feeling and reading, please like, follow, comment and share. Thank you, Linda

And of course, I will say good night with a song! Beautiful life. Beautiful night.


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