The DISH that started it all…

Hello friends,

Hope all is well in your world.

Quickly a little about me, I’ve never liked cooking until 5 years ago when I moved to a small beach town. BTW, it was among my dreams to live in a small beach town, so close to the beach that I can walk. And so, I did and that dream was achieved 5 years ago. Love love it! But…there was one major problem for me, GOOD Vietnamese food. At the time, I had only 2 options: #1 go and visit mom or #2 go to San Jose to eat; and both took a long drive.

So…one day I got so sick and tired of “not having it when I want it,” I asked my mom to teach me a few of her dishes/meals that I love the most. She was SHOCKED! Me?! She didn’t think I was serious, until I spent many, many days cooking and learning from her. During this evolution, something else beautiful happened, I loved spending quality time with my mom. I truly cherished my time with her.

Pho Bo (Vietnamese beef pho)

If you’ve read my posts, you will notice quickly that I do not, have not share my recipes. I have my reasons, after all, only a fool would give everything away for FREE. 🙂

I will share an overview but there are so many different tips and how-to IF you want to create an amazing pot of pho bo.

All the spices!
Best Beef!
Not 1 but 5 different types and cuts of beef.


Everyone has their own way. But for me, my pho pot must simmer and be babysit for at least a minimum 8 hours for me to love it. 


YOU SEE how clean and clear my broth is! And that is why I said GOOD food is made with LOVE my friends.

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And of course, I say good night with music.

Good food is made with love.
Happy life is lived with love.
Passion for Life. Lifestyle. Entrepreneur. Live.Laugh.Love.Dream

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