Christmas in San Francisco

Life is a journey, so of course, my page is also a journey to explore, to live, to express and to share. What a year it has been for me, personally and professionally. I have learned new lessons and I was also reminded of many things that I should have remember. Have you sat down and review 2018?

How do I keep it all on the positive level? I remind myself that everything will pass, nothing is permanent, both good and bad times will come and go.

The reality of life is just three things (in my humble opinion)

  1. A blessing

  2. A lesson

  3. No effect

SF Bay
Life is a journey.
SF City Night
I love the beautiful lights and decor of Christmas – SF downtown street.


I’m glad you came. And if you like what you’re seeing, feeling or reading, please like, follow, share, re-share, comment…all that good stuff to show your support and well wishes. Many thanks in advance. Positive space ONLY here.

One More Sleep

Good food is made with love.
Happy life is lived with love.
Passion for Life. Lifestyle. Entrepreneur. Live.Laugh.Love.Dream

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