Lived to Tell

“A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”― Harvey MacKay

You’re probably wondering, hmm, what has she done with her life? Is she just another online talker, filtered selfie poser but is really an offline loser? Admit it, you, me, everyone question what we’re seeing or reading online and social media.

And it is perfectly the right thing to do, after all, this is the internet.

Briefly, I will share with you what I’ve achieved in the past as far as my dreams go, better known as goals and they were goals because I focused on them, I set a timeline and action plan (short and long term targets), then finally, I BELIEVE in them with all my heart and mind.

  1. When I was in my early 20’s, I was a firefighter. AGAINST all odds.
  2. The last company I worked for, I climbed the ladder straight to the top. I started as a rep at $15/hr but I steadily worked my way up to upper management with a 6 digits salary not including bonuses. WITHOUT a college degree.
  3. Another of my dreams, to live so close to the beach that I can walk to it but it also must be a small, quiet beach town. Lived it for over 3 years, a nice and peaceful 10 minutes walk to the beach.

And…I walked away from it all.


I am very proud of my goals achieved, lived and done done and done. And I’m very thankful and grateful for everything, thus far. Please do not get me wrong, I’ve had MANY lows and I’ve made plenty of mistakes. But I always learned and I will always get right back up again and again just like the phoenix from the ashes until my time is over.

I walked away because I know I must keep moving. I must drive forward to my true purpose and mission in this life. And so, my best is yet to come my friends.

SF Hornblower
My ship hasn’t arrived yet. My best is yet to come.

And so now you know a little more about me. I will say good night with a great song. Don’t Stop Believin’

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Thanks, Linda

Good food is made with love.
Happy life is lived with love.
Passion for Life. Lifestyle. Entrepreneur. Live.Laugh.Love.Dream

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