What is CookEatFlirt?

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re well and enjoying this festive month. How time flies!

So probably the first question is, why Cook Eat Flirt? I’m still working on a few important things, so I can’t share “the concept” yet, but I will soon.

What I can share and I think you may already know by the name. Cooking, eating and flirting are the main ingredients to my concept, business model and business plan that I am working on.

A little about me. I’ve always been an entrepreneur. It is in my blood just like reading and writing. As far back as I can remember, I was ALWAYS reading or writing; by now, I believe I have read thousands of books (all nonfiction, business, self-help, along those lines).

I’m not getting any younger and time is just ticking away fast like free-falling into the rabbit hole. My plan is to find my way out of the rabbit hole once and for all.

“My path is definitely not this beautiful. But I am walking it step by step, every step forward counts.” cookeatflirt.com #cookeatflirt

Rose petals walkway with lights
Rose petals walkway with lights. Beautiful!

Good food is made with love.ā¤
Happy life is lived with love.ā¤
Passion for Life. Lifestyle. Entrepreneur. Live.Laugh.Love.Dream

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