6 Week Startup: Week 1 – Day 1

Hello everyone,

Hope you’re well in your world in this new year. Here on out, I will be posting once a week only. Please like, share, follow if you like what you’ve seen. Many thanks! 🙂

As many people headed back to work today, I started my very first day, alone and free. You see, my last day at my last job was on the last day of 2018. So what did I do? Where did I go? I went to a book store and what I discovered was interesting.


My plan was to go and buy a business book or two, maybe read a short one, lol I know you guys do this too! Anyway, out of the 5, I decided on this one, 6-Week Startup.

Hmm, really…the cover screamed for me to open it up. And I was sold at Introduction because I do believe that life can change in six weeks. However, I still did a quick check and lookup on the author Rhonda Abrams, you know the usual, google and social media.

With the book in hand, I headed over to an empty chair to browse through the chapters. Yup. This is a good book and I’m going to put it to the test. 6 weeks, we will see.


I closed the book, looked around where I was sitting and wow I didn’t even realized that I was sitting in the Food & Cooking area! I must confess, I have NEVER bought a cookbook or any book on food or cooking, so I’ve never been in this section of any bookstore. And I love books and bookstores as an avid reader, seriously, I can spend many hours in a bookstore. But I mainly read non-fiction in the business, inspirational, empowerment, metaphysics and educational subjects.

Food & Cooking

I looked around and I thought wow there are A LOT of books on food and cooking. Since I was led to here, okay let me find a good book on Vietnamese food or cooking. It should be easy since there are so many books. So I walked from one book shelf to the next, looking through each row…there are so many books on so many different things but nope, nope and nope. No Vietnamese food or cooking book? Wow. Really.

I almost gave up until I saw around the corner away from the main stage, one last Food & Cooking shelf. And yes, this backstage shelf did have a book on Vietnamese food/cooking.

A book is exactly that…ONE book. Hmm, very interesting and what an eye-opener for me! As I’ve mentioned, this was the first time I was in the food & cooking section. I asked myself, why? How come there is only one book on Vietnamese food/cooking?

Oh from the business section, I also had one other book in my hand, The Power of Broke for $17. Because I am broke, I didn’t want to buy all three books, and since I am broke (for now), it was an easy decision. I already know how it is to be broke, to have empty pockets and a hunger to succeed. Besides, how can I NOT buy this one and only Vietnamese food/cooking book? Yes, of course, I can wait to buy it online, probably cheaper too, but I believe in life, every step (planned or unplanned) takes us to where we were meant to be and it is up to us to see it, to take action.

After I decided to buy the book, I flipped it over to see the price, it was a penny less $16.99. WOW. This has meaning to me because in my past, I must admit I have wasted and spent money (a lot of it) like it was nothing, like it has no meaning. But this subject is for another time, another blog post.

I already know about the author Andrea Nguyen from her blog, so I didn’t need to google her.

Vietnamese food
The one and only Vietnamese food book

Good food is made with love.
Happy life is lived with love.

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