6 Week Startup: Week 1 – Day 3

1/4/2018 – day 2, week 1

One of the things I worked on yesterday was the first batch of business cards and design. What do you guys think? I want it simple and clean. I will try to remember to share as much details as I go along this journey. If you like, please show your support and share.

Business card: round, front and back, design it myself. 500, total cost $40

Business card (front)
Business card (back)

A good and valid question was asked, why just Vietnamese food? The #1 reason is I love it with a passion, thanks to my #1 supporter, my mom (I think the two are intertwined). #2 reason, I believe with all my heart that Vietnamese food and all of the dishes are still relatively unknown to many people including those living in diverse cities like San Francisco. So I can imagine other states across the country. It is much more than pho, rice plates, spring rolls, egg rolls or noodle bowls. Much, much more undiscovered.

Lastly, I replied with this truth, even the celebrity chefs specialized in and are known for a specific cuisine and/or niche. I’m not out to just make a quick dollar or two. I am passionate about what I’m doing and trying to create. I believe in my vision.

And my mission is to help people fall in love with Vietnamese food. Why? Because it is still unknown, under-rated and under-priced. I want to change this.

Many thanks, Linda

Good food is made with love.❤
Happy life is lived with love.❤

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