Hello everyone,

Hope you’re well in your world, happy Saturday!

Who doesn’t want to be successful overnight, right? I think we all do, it’ll be great! But…reality is, it takes so much to be successful. It takes heart, body, mind and soul to create and build something from nothing.

I created Cookeatflirt.com on 10/28/2018, excited but as you can tell if you’ve followed my blog, DEAD SILENCE, nothing until 12/1/2018. Below is a shot of my stats from inception to today Jan 5 2018 – nothing speculator, nothing overnight or viral. And it’s OK, I am still thankful for what I have, what I have started.

Seriously, whenever I post something, I don’t know if anyone would read it, like it or comment on it. I’m just doing me, being me – authentic and hope others will find what I have to say interesting.

Success is moving forward, keeping your eyes on the journey, not the destination. cookeatflirt.com

Today, I’d like to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for reading, visiting, liking and commenting. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate it. Thanks, Linda ❀

I love music, a true big music lover, so you’ll see and hear what I’m listening to. This song describes me 100%, as a matter of fact, my mom has always said that I have SO many dreams, it’s funny but so true. Thank you mom for being my #1 supporter!

Good food is made with love.❀
Happy life is lived with love.❀

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