Vietnamese Egg Rolls (Salad Wraps)

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Do you guys like egg rolls? Chinese or Vietnamese? I’ll take a wild guess, some of you are like….(what?!) there’s a difference? (lol) Yes! There is a difference. 🙂 As a matter of fact, there are many differences, especially the main ingredients – it all depends on the cooks and recipes. I’m not an expert by any measurement and will never pretend to be.

With that said, here is my take on the Vietnamese egg rolls, it is a delicious cold noodle bowl or a delicious and healthy salad wrap. Maybe I’m just a slow cook but it seems like almost everything I cook takes a lot of time and work lol. I usually spend half of the time cleaning and prepping – I spend a lot of time cleaning all of the ingredients.


What you’re seeing is fairly standard, I think. The beauty of the egg roll is you can add/remove whatever you like or don’t like. For me, this is what I like in a pork/shrimp egg roll. (Mix it all up very well and evenly)

Vietnamese Egg Rolls
Vietnamese Egg Rolls – meats mix



I’m also very picky about my sauce, in this case, it is the Vietnamese fish sauce. If you’re eating this as a cold noodle bowl then you’d pour it over the bowl or a dipping sauce when you’re eating it as a salad wrap. I love both dishes but it is a must to have a really good sauce.

Fish sauce
Fish sauce




Perfect egg rolls
Crisper and crunchier! I came up with a secret to make and keep it crisper longer!

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