Rice and Noodle? Together? Noooo

Hi Everyone,

No this post isn’t about online dating, not that kind of catfish lol. Maybe another time, I’ll share that story, yes I’ve been catfished before.

Catfish, I know many people do not like it. Too fatty, too slimy, too ugly…if you don’t like catfish I’m sure you have your reason (s). But I love catfish over the very popular salmon, and I’d eat sea bass over salmon any day. And as for catfish, I should clarify it, I love it if it’s made correctly and deliciously. What are your thoughts on catfish?

This is a dish of my own crazy mind’s creation. I have not seen this on any Vietnamese or Chinese restaurant’s menu. If you have please feel free to let me know. This dish is full of different flavors and textures, and what? Rice and noodle together?!? Yes together like Cher and Sonny, a very unlikely pairing but it works. (lol) 🙂

Vietnamese Ginger Spicy Catfish

The secret to my success is the two sauces. I marinated the very clean catfish separately in one sauce while I make the second sauce over medium heat to add the catfish and everything else later.

Both sauces are savory and sweet with lots of ginger, black pepper and Thai peppers. Add the catfish first into the sauce pot. Med to low heat

When the catfish is almost done, in the last 15 minutes: add in the mushroom, bamboo and noodle (slice or dice the mushroom and bamboo first). You want to add these 3 ingredients last so that they’re not over-cooked and become too mushy unless you prefer that. I love the texture of a meaty mushroom, the crisp firmness but soft bamboo – you won’t get this if they’re overcooked.

I was so hungry last night when I MUST make this to satisfy my craving at 9pm (I know crazy right). So, I didn’t care to plate it nicely for a picture. It may not look pretty but OMG the smell and taste – delicious!

A little white rice then the sauce, mushroom, bamboo, noodle and catfish over it. Add a little cilantro and green onions with a dash of black pepper. This dish is really yummy and I think most people will be delighted and surprised at how good it is despite the visual.

I haven’t share any of my recipes or cooking techniques yet. If you’ve been following me then you’d know that I will when the time is right – there will be a Recipes page. So please like, comment, follow and share if you like what you’re seeing. Many thanks, Linda

Vietnamese ginger spicy catfish

Good food is made with love.
Happy life is lived with love.
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